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Sonny Griffeth, the new owner of the Chiefland Farmers Flea Market (formerly known as McCormack's Flea Market)would like to welcome all vendors, new and old. Sonny and his staff are working very hard to clean up the Market and surrounding premises to give it a new and much needed facelift. Since Sonny purchased the Flea Market, he has been advertising in many different ways including radio and print advertisments and a website on the Internet. The response has been tremendous with vendors and customers commenting on how much the Market has improved in the short amount of time that Mr. Griffeth has owned the Flea Market. With time, he hopes to be the most attractive and profitable Flea Market for vendors and customers alike! As we are always interested in your suggestions for improvement in the Market, please e-mail us through our homepage. Each e-mail will be acknowledged and considered.

Inside booths


  • Booths are 10' x 10'
  • 3 tables are provided with each booth.
  • Electricity available for an additional cost.
  • Lock up available but limited

Price list per booth
Day Price Tax Total
Friday $4.00 $0.28 $4.28
Saturday $10.75 $0.75 $11.50
Sunday $10.75 $0.75 $11.50
All Three Days $21.50 $1.50 $23.00

Outside Booths


  • Booths are 8ft.x12ft.
  • Three tables provided with each booth
  • Red tile walk in garden setting with plants and Fountains

Price list per booth
Day Price Tax Total
Friday     FREE
Saturday $8.00 $0.56 $8.56
Sunday $8.00 $0.56 $8.56
All Three Days $16.00 $1.12 $17.12

15% discount on three or more booths on monthly rate.

All events for Dealers are Free and brought to you by The Chiefland Farmers Flea Market.

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