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Antiques                         Old Town Antiques
                                       Judson HodgesAntiques
                                        Rosie's Gift's & Collectibles
                                        Snookie's This & That 
                                        Toni's Tresure Chest

Appliances                      Gros Appliances 
Books                             The Never Ending Story
                                       Christian Books & Gifts
Canopy & Tarps               Griffeth Tools
Cloths & Shoes               Pernella Beauty World
Computers                      Jim Johnson

Coins                              Jeff White
Flags                               Dixie Depot 
Fruits & Vegetables         Renee's Produce

Furniture                         Richard 
Groceries                        Mom's Market

Honey                            Turner  Family Honey& Bees
Incense                           Lora Boice
Jewelry                           Two Lights Enterprises
                                        The Old Town Antiques

Lighter                                     Dixie Depot
Marshall Art Weapons                   Scott's
Tools                                           Griffeth Tools
Mini Donuts                                  Yellow Row
Gun Shops                                    Larry Wilson
Plants                                  J B Nursery Black 17 & 19
                                                (Sunday's Only)
Restaurant                                  Pat's Place
Signs                                    Dean McConnell

Tea Pots and Figurines               Lori's
Televisions                              Clarence Kelly (Saturday only)
 Rope                                      Griffeth Tools
Yard Sales                              Outside and Inside